Tuesday, March 26, 2019

WOLFPACK a New Wyoming Crime Thriller

Wyoming state game warden Joe Pickett returns in Wolfpack, a new crime thriller from C.J. Box. The popular series is set against a rugged Western landscape as Joe Pickett finds himself involved in often dangerous criminal situations.

New trouble for Joe starts when he investigates the illegal use of a drone to chase elk and antelope herds, leading to panic and deaths among the animals. But when Joe tries to track down the drone owner, he runs up against a stone wall. The drone user is a mystery man protected by Federal authorities for classified reasons.

But Joe Pickett isn't the only one after this mystery man. A vicious gang of drug cartel killers, called the Wolfpack, is also looking for the same man. When this pack arrives in the small town of Saddle String, they move to ruthlessly take out anyone in their way, including Joe Pickett and anyone he is working with.

Wolfpack is a taut thriller that builds at high speed toward a violent showdown in the Wyoming mountain country. C.J. Box has created a riveting series with the Joe Pickett novels and this latest entry is one of his best. An absolutely great read.  

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