Saturday, April 4, 2009

24 Versus Obama Smackdown

This season of the TV series "24" is a pretty obvious commentary on the Obama terrorism policies.

Jack Bauer represents the "whatever it takes" approach to stop terrorist plots.

The Obama crowd's "by the book" legalistic softness is represented by Larry Moss, the clueless FBI head agent, and by a moralistic Senator who wants to put Jack Bauer on trial.

Guess who blocks the terrorists at every turn? That's right, it's Jack, with his no-holds-barred tactics.

Who screws up at every turn? FBI dummy Larry, whose own team is infiltrated by a mole. The pansy Senator's own chief aide is a part of the terrorist plot.

Not too hard to read between the lines there. "24" has got it right.

To stop mass casualties, who you gonna call? Obama's pointy-head lawyers? Didn't think so.

Better keep Jack Bauer on speed dial. Enough said.