Saturday, October 27, 2018

HOLY GHOST an Offbeat New Crime Thriller from John Sandford

Holy Ghost by John Sandford is the latest offbeat crime novel in the series that features Minnesota State Police detective Virgil Flowers. Virgil is a laid back rural type, who sometimes pulls his boat behind his truck on the way to crime scenes, in case he gets time to do some fishing.

He doesn't get that chance in this new case. The dying small town of Wheatfield finds sudden new life when a miraculous apparition of the Virgin Mary begins to appear at the local Catholic church. Pilgrims flock to the new shrine, but with them comes a dangerous new threat.

An unknown sniper stages random shootings near the church. Two people are seriously wounded. The third victim is shot dead. As the toll mounts, Virgil Flowers struggles to stop the shooter. There is no obvious suspect to focus on. The victims have no common connection between them. Virgil can't find a motive for the shootings. But the sniper isn't stopping.

Holy Ghost is a fast paced, addictive read, peppered with the wry humor that marks the Virgil Flowers series. Once again, John Sandford doesn't disappoint with another entertaining crime thriller.

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