Thursday, January 11, 2018

THE WANTED a New Elvis Cole Crime Thriller

Private eye Elvis Cole is back, along with his California cool style, in The Wanted, a new crime thriller by Robert Crais. Cole is an unconventional, wise cracking detective who drives a vintage yellow Corvette and has a Disney wall clock in his office. Elvis is backed up as always by his taciturn, hard case partner Joe Pike.

A worried Los Angeles mother hires Cole to investigate her teenage son's activities. She thinks he may be involved in drug dealing. But Elvis learns the kid, Tyson Connor, is a part of something even worse. Tyson and other kids have been breaking into high-end homes and stealing expensive things.
They stole a laptop from one home with valuable information on it. Now someone wants that laptop back and they will do whatever necessary to get it.

Tyson Connor has disappeared and one of his fellow thieves has been murdered. A pair of cold blooded hit men working for a security agency are hot on Tyson's trail, killing wherever they go. Elvis Cole is in a race to find Tyson first before the kid ends up dead.

The Wanted has a stripped down plot line that reads like a bullet as the scenes shift between Elvis, Tyson, and the pair of hit men. It's another entertaining entry for fans of this popular crime novel series by author Robert Crais.

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