Monday, October 30, 2017

DEEP FREEZE a Quirky New John Sandford Crime Novel

Deep Freeze by John Sandford is a new crime novel in the series featuring Virgil Flowers, an investigator for the Minnesota State Police. The Flowers novels are an entertaining blend of offbeat crimes, quirky violence, and sardonic humor.

It's the middle of a Minnesota winter and there's a murder in the small town of Trippton, where everybody knows everybody else's business. The victim had attended a high school reunion committee meeting, just before she was later clobbered in her home with a heavy wine bottle. But when Flowers arrives at the crime scene, the body of the presumed murder victim is now missing.

As Virgil tries to unravel that mystery, he runs afoul of another town secret and winds up getting seriously bloodied in a surprise assault by unknown attackers. Things get worse when another murder takes place that seems to connect to the first death, and it's clear there's a mystery killer on the loose in the town.

Deep Freeze is a fast reading crime escapade full of wild plot twists and turns, and livened with Virgil Flowers' country boy charm. Once again, popular author John Sandford does not disappoint.

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