Thursday, May 4, 2017

GOLDEN PREY a Violent Crime Spree Chase Across the South

Golden Prey by John Sandford is the latest title in the crime thriller series that features main character Lucas Davenport. Lucas has been a long time Minnesota state police investigator. But he's got a new job now: as a U.S. Marshal on the hunt for wanted federal fugitives.

A new case takes Lucas south to Tennessee, Florida, and Alabama. A pair of redneck robbers stole millions from a drug cartel house, killing five people in the process. The cartel wants its money back and the rednecks dead. They send a ruthless hit man and a vicious torture queen to get the job done, leaving a bloody trail in their wake.

Lucas Davenport gets caught in the middle of it all, working to hunt down the redneck robbers, aided by a mismatched pair of Marshals named Bob and Rae, while trying to protect new victims from the cartel killers' torture/murder spree.

Golden Prey is a gripping read, racing across a rural Southern landscape through a chain of violent action scenes toward an epic showdown gun battle near the Texas/Mexico border. Once again, John Sandford shows why he belongs at the top of the crime thriller genre.

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