Thursday, March 30, 2017

VICIOUS CIRCLE a New C.J. Box Western Crime Thriller

Vicious Circle by C.J. Box is the latest crime thriller in the series that features Wyoming Game Warden Joe Pickett. The Pickett novels are noted for fast moving plots, with raw boned action, set against a rugged, beautifully evoked western landscape.

This new entry continues Joe Pickett's violent feud with the Cates family, a roughneck clan that terrorized Joe's family in the earlier novel, Endangered. That conflict left members of the Cates family dead and the younger son, Dallas, in prison. But Dallas is now out of custody, and along with his malevolent, wheelchair-bound mother, is looking for revenge against Joe.

Facing this threat, Joe has the help of his hard edged friend, Nate Romanowski, an Army special forces veteran. But the Cates gang wants to avenge their family losses by going after Joe's own family, leaving his wife, Marybeth, and three daughters in imminent danger.

Vicious Circle is another outstanding  read from C.J. Box in a regional flavored series that is one of the best in the crime novel genre.

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