Friday, April 1, 2016

OFF THE GRID a Western Crime Thriller

Off the Grid by C.J. Box is the latest novel in the series that features Wyoming Game Warden Joe Pickett. The Pickett novels are noted for fast moving plots, with raw boned action, set against a rugged western landscape. This newest entry doesn't disappoint.

The storyline shifts between Joe Pickett and his friend Nate Romanowski, a former special forces soldier and now a renegade outlaw wanted by the Feds. Nate has been hiding out in the wilderness off the grid. But the Feds finally locate him and recruit him for a job. In return, Nate's record will be fully cleared.

The Feds want Nate to infiltrate a suspected terrorist cell training in the remote, desolate Red desert region of Wyoming. Meanwhile, the state governor sends Joe Pickett into the same area to find out what the Feds are up to on state lands.

Joe and Nate are working separate missions, but they both run up against the same ruthless enemies in the middle of a barren nowhereWhen it becomes clear what kind of disaster the terrorists plan to cause, the book's title takes on a whole new meaning. 

Off the Grid is a riveting read that again shows why C.J. Box is one of the most popular authors in the crime thriller genre.

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