Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Inspector Rebus Returns in SAINTS OF THE SHADOW BIBLE

Saints of the Shadow Bible by Ian Rankin marks the return of the iconic character John Rebus of the Edinburgh, Scotland police in a dark new mystery.

Rebus was formerly retired, but couldn't stay away from police work for long. He's back working an investigation of a suspicious car crash, along with his long-time partner, Siobhan Clarke. The crash details don't add up and Rebus senses a cover-up of something crucial. His dogged pursuit leads him into conflict with powerful people, a scuffle the testy Rebus clearly relishes.

At the same time, a police Internal Affairs unit, led by Rebus nemesis, Malcolm Fox, is digging into a cold case from decades earlier. It's an open murder case in which a close-knit group of Rebus police pals may be involved, and Rebus may find his own loyalties tested.

The plot is intriguing and John Rebus is at his entertaining best with his trademark blunt rudeness and deep cynicism. Saints of the Shadow Bible is a first rate read and will certainly be on the list of the best mystery novels of this year.

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