Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ray Bradbury's Horror Fiction

Ray Bradbury was known for his science fiction work, but he wrote some fine horror stories too. Here are five of his best:

"The Jar" - In a seedy country carnival sideshow, something hideous is floating in a big glass jar. From the classic horror collection "The October Country."

"Zero Hour" and "The Veldt" - Two tales that portray the secret malevolent schemes of apparently innocent children. Both are found in the famous collection "The Illustrated Man."

"The Witch Door" - An unsettling tale of persecution in two different time periods. From the collection "Quicker Than the Eye."

"The October Game" - Grotesque story of a resentful husband and father and a Halloween game called "The Witch Is Dead." The whiplash ending is both ambiguous and horrifying. A Bradbury masterpiece. From the collection "Long After Midnight."

Thanks, Ray, for all the great reading you created!

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